The most innovative preschool for children from 1 to 5 years old


We are an independent, non-profit and non-religious bilingual educational organization located in San Juan, Puerto Rico. It was founded in 2015 by inspired parents, Nicolas (Argentinean entrepreneur) and Anabella Kogan (Venezuelan artist), along with the assistance of several passionate and experienced educators such as Ari Tester, Roberto Porrata-Doria, Ileana Shub and Silvia López Angel, among others.

Our vision borrows the culture of critical thinking, creativity, curiosity, inquiries, doubts, observations and nature exploration from the teachings of Albert Einstein. We believe that every child is a GENIUS in their own way, they just need the right education to make them flourish.

We added the word LOVELY to the name in order to communicate that empathy, love and sensitivity are the most important tenets in the development of a happy and confident children. We also believe that the arts are the natural way for children to express themselves and become thoughtful members of a global community.

In recent decades, studies have illustrated the importance of early childhood education and early intervention in preparing children for intellectual challenges throughout their lives, even into adulthood. Our foundation is committed to promoting the socio-emotional support, applicable skills and universal values that children of these young ages need to succeed in the 21st century.

During the years we have created our own LOVELY METHODOLOGY OF LEARNING written by our founder Bella Kogan, with the support of all the teachers and educators of LLEP since 2015, inspired by Project Zero-Harvard, Reggio Emilia approach and Babidibú Colombia. 



Stimulate early childhood education through creative activities and experiences based on the implementation of the culture of thinking, the nature, the arts and the community global awareness as a methodology of learning and reasoning.



Educating children in a nurturing and artistic way, focused on developing tomorrow’s global leaders with critical thinking skills and strong positive values.


Our values:

✓ Transform positively our children and our community

✓ Security and safety always come first

✓ We apply the TRIPLE L in everything we do: Love, Laugh and Learning

✓ Our social emotional approach is applied through empathy and positive psychology

✓ Educative excellence are applied through C3: curiosity, creativity and critical thinking

✓ Art, Art and more ARTS is our main mantra!

✓ Harmony with nature is the best environment for teaching

✓ We promote the DOUBLE I to early childhood education: Imagination and Innovation

✓ We stimulate constant awareness of local and world realities and cultures


Board of Directors 2019-2020:

Katia Rodríguez, President. Laura Mendelbaum, Mónica Romero, Abigail Kogan, Dominique DeMers, Marcelino Bellosta, Sofía Rodríguez, Gabriel Viera, Karen Darwiche. Founders: Nicolas and Anabella Kogan.