A school dedicated to early childhood education

LLEP has developed the following 10 programs, which constitute the structure of our foundation:



What Makes These Programs Special?

✓We are completely and exclusively dedicated to early childhood education, offering to you and your children a protected and small environment to start their first school years.

✓We offer a strong administrative office that guarantees the security and safety of your children and canalizes all your inquiries in order to offer an efficient and orchestrated response with all the staff synchronized.

✓Our most important objective is to provide the social emotional support  to develop emphatic and happy children.

✓Our Learning Program is from 8 am to 2 pm for children from 1 to 5 years old.

✓We offer small groups. The best student/teacher ration in the area!

✓Early drop off at 7:30 am for busy parents.

✓A positive experience in our spacious, comfy and secure parking lot.

✓Your children will be guided through an integrated, emergent and dynamic curriculum by the sweetest and most committed staff; with the arts, nature and critical thinking as the main learning tools.

✓We teach physical education, yoga, meditation and breathing every morning to start the day engaged with body and mind.

✓Our Gardening and Healthy & Yummy Programs promote integration with nature and nutrition at very young ages.

✓We offer a well-structured Push-Up Program for psychological, occupational and speech therapies to find multidisciplinary strategies for your child’s development.

✓Our after-school program from 2 to 5 pm, called Afternoon Adventures is fun and affordable with all classes included such as theater, painting and outdoor activities!