The best indoor and outdoor preschool facilities in San Juan

  • Spacious and secure parking lot

  • 24-hours security

  • A social area in Atom Park with amenities for parents

  • 4/5 academic classrooms especially designed for preschoolers

  • Child-friendly toilet facilities and changing tables

  • 1 theater and multipurpose area: Central Park

  • 2 indoor parks: Baby Gym and Atom Park

  • 1 spacious outdoor park with garden: Garden Park

  • 1 dining room designed for children

  • 1 fully equipped kitchen

  • 1 therapy room

  • 2 administrative offices

  • 1 conference room to meet lovely parents

  • A private bathroom for parents and guests

  • All the indoor areas include A/C

We are located in Miramar, across the Conservatory of Music of PR

549 Hoare Street

San Juan-Puerto Rico