Our Learning Program is applied through our LOVELY METHODOLOGY OF LEARNING

✓ We convine the culture of thinking, the arts, the nature and the community global awareness in our Learning Program

✓ The culture of thinking is generated by constantly applying different thinking routines for every reasoning with our children. We use the Thinking Routines categorized and developed by Project Zero-Harvard

✓ Our LOVELY METHODOLOGY OF LEARNING is a macro thinking routine that we apply for everything we do: Sensory Exploration, Think, Debrief and Stamp & Sign. We are currently editing our first book called "Lovely Methodology of Learning" written by our founder and artist Bella Kogan

✓ We divided our milestones into 12 Learning Objectives to achieve the needed skills to enter the kinder level at the end of the Lovely Little Einsteins Preschool experience


✓ We constantly develop our own dynamic, integrated and emergent curriculum especially designed for our students

✓We encourage our teachers to research, self-evaluate and explore in a daily basis, to improve and adjust our own curriculum according to the classroom and children’s needs


✓ Every unit we work on a theme or project that each classroom develops on their appropriate complexity. Every week we work on a sub-theme that intend to get the children deeper into the learning objectives and skills.

✓We developed a very complete daily routine that includes our vision with all the areas of development,  flowing in a organic sequence of learning experiences throughout the day


✓ We start every morning with Physical Education, Yoga and Meditation Tools

✓Our Art-ivities have an emphasis in Literature Tools on Monday, Visual Arts Tools on Tuesday, Music Tools on Wednesday, Theater Tools on Thursday and Community/Global Awareness on Friday.

✓Our Nature Activities have an emphasis in Gardening Tools on Monday, Math Tools on Tuesday, Science Tools on Wednesday, recycling on Thursday and community/global awareness.

✓We apply English as a Second Language (ESL) techniques for the Learning Program in the morning; and Spanish Immersion techniques for the Afternoon Adventures Program in the afternoon.

✓ Music, singing, dancing, breathing, nutrition and meditation are supporting tools for every activity and transition of our daily routine

✓Our Afternoon Adventures Program promotes a recreational environment and activities to encourage imagination and sports.